Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jackalopes and Deerbunnies: Myth or Reality?

Last night, while finishing the final installment of the Potter saga, Liz asked me - in what must have been a fit of temporary nerddom - “if you were a wizard what do you think your patronus would be?” After chucking, I realized I had no answer. I’ve seen bears and deer, dogs and cats, but none of these seemed quite appropriate. Today, however, the answer hit me, there is one animal, a great and mystical creature that has had a reoccurring role in my life: the Jackalope, also know in some circles as the Deerbunny. For those of you not familiar with Jackalope, visit this informative website: The Jackalope Conspiracy.

But seriously, Jackalopes are everywhere. I can’t seem to get away. Fortunately, I've been able to document many of my encounters with them over the years.

My most recent Jackalope encounter happened to be in my bathroom in Michigan. I don’t know how anyone could think it was a good idea to put a Jackalope in a bathroom, but there he was.

Prior to the “bathalope” I found two Jackalope in Wyoming, Liz and Kate (my sister-in-law) were brave enough to ride them!

Why Have I been so fortunate to see so many Jackalope in my life? That's a good question, but an even better one is, why do people think they're such a good idea? Who paints a Jackalope in their bathroom?

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Tour de Civil Suits

In addition to making this year’s Tour de France a little more interesting, doping has raised some interesting legal issues. Team Predictor-Lotto is suing team Astana and Alexandre Vinokourov for cutting into their air-time and publicity. Team Sponsorship and advertising is big business in cycling. Should Vino be found guilty of doping, Predictor-Lotto is reportedly planning on suing the Kazakh and his team for 10 million Euros.
Vino won the stage 13 time trial, before testing positive for blood doping, taking away victory from Predictor-Lotto’s Cadel Evans. Discovering that Vino had engaged in blood doping Predictor-Lotto filed suit for cutting into their advertising time and publicity gained through a stage win.
I wonder if other teams will file suit over Vino’s solo break-away win on Stage 15. It certainly monopolized advertizing time and publicity.

You can read more on this at Bicycle.net

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm Coming Home

It’s time to bid adieu to the Big House, for my time in Michigan has come to close. So long stat buddies, so long nerds; I’m off to Deseret. If any of you are thinking about attending the University of Michigan, I highly recommend it. Ann Arbor is one of the finest towns I’ve had the privilege to frequent.

Liz is flying over the Midwest right now, my guess is somewhere over Chi-town (hi Bill and Kate’s walk-in closets). She has agreed to escort me across the county to ensure I make it home safe. See you all in Utah.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I am sending into the universe a great big thumbs down to my camp leader who, with only 12 days left of camp, quit today with no notice because...wait for it... she's too hot. No, not good-looking hot, just the temperature kind. But don't worry, she brought me a doctor's note:
Dear employer:
Please excuse Puzanna* from work, she's too hot.

Well, Puzanna, here's to you.
*Names have been changed to protect identities

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Read any good books lately?

I’m looking for book recommendations. I’ve breezed through my summer reading list faster than I thought I would. Time spent a lone in Michigan will do that to you. What should I read next? I'm up for anything...almost.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Jefferson and Adams Day of Death...and Independence Day

Happy 4th! I hope this day of fireworks and BBQs finds everyone in high spirits and feeling proud to be an American.

I also hope that all of you have spent your day enjoying the many wonders that make-up Independence Day: BBQ Chicken, potato salad, Will Smith, softball, croquet, Robot Aliens, fireworks, pole vaulting, hang gliding, dynamite, Neil Diamond, Lee Greenwood, did I mention croquet, lawn chairs, and good times.

I've spent my 4th the most patriotic way of all, doing regression analysis. It’s been a day full of fireworks and hypothesis testing here in Michigan.

Enjoy the 4th and I hope we all can relate to the immortal words of the great Lee Greenwood, “I’m proud to be and American.”

Also, the first person that can point out what's amiss in the posted picture they will win a grand prize.