Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Movie: Mr. Hoover & His Dam

I spent a few days in Vegas a couple of weeks ago doing the things you do in Vegas…hanging out with nerdy political scientists (I’m no exception) and visiting Hoover Dam!

I was in Las Vegas presenting a paper, Alternative Voting Systems: the Effect of Voting Systems on Single-Winner Multicandidate Electoral Outcomes (see the nerdiness), at the Southwestern Political Science Association annul conference. The best thing I did, besides not make a fool of myself, was visit Hoover Dam. That thing is huge! Check out our latest production in the sidebar or at the Pocket Litter Productions homepage.

Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


Jeff said...

I enjoyed your video Derek. That's quite a chunk of concrete. I read your paper also. It's interesting, but I much preferred having you tell me about it in person on our way to the airport at 4am.

Derek said...

Yeah, I really only ran the simulations and wrote the conclusion.

Kate said...

Great job on the movie, maybe L.A. is calling your name, not D.C.

Paul & Sarah said...

I saw a documentary about the Hoover dam. It said something about being built to house an advanced, intelligent robotic system known as Megatron and keep him in on cryogenic ice. Did you get to see that on the tour?