Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence…In the Nations Capital?

It’s been awhile since my last post, but right here, right now I’d like to announce…I’m back!

What better time or place to stage my comeback than on this hot, humid, and hazy Independence Day in Washington D.C.

I’ve been in the D.C. area for about a month. What do I have to show for it? I’ve got two paychecks, two new checking accounts (?), one lonely wife, a new house, and I’m a whole lot smarter!

Farm Girl and I found a great place to live while she was out here a few weeks ago. This was more difficult than one might think. We each held certain selection criteria that differed from one another. I valued ease of commute, while Farm Girl valued superfluous things like cleanliness, quality, and storage space! The only thing we held in common was the desire to spend as little cash as possible and get the most bang for our buck. After many tears and a few well placed sarcastic comments, we were finally able to find a place that meets almost all these requirements.

We’ll be living in Alexandria, VA! We’re only a few blocks from Old Town Alexandria, a few miles from Mt. Vernon, and a few minutes from the Nation’s capital! Out of all our siblings who live in foreign and exotic places, such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Spanish Fork, and Salt Lake City; we by far have the best location. This means that all vacation plans to these lesser locations should be changed at once. Let it be known that all are welcome here (unless we don’t really know you -that might be a little creepy).

I think this’ll be a great place for us. Where else do you get stopped by the Presidential motorcade on your way to work? In what other town do you get searched by secret service agents because a hip foreign dignitary is staying in the hotel across from where you work? In what other location do you get views like this from your office building?

So while you’re enjoying your July 4th BBQs, watching firework shows, perhaps packing and moving my stuff, or just wonder why and how government has over stepped its bounds and is doing a whole lot more than protecting your life, liberty, and property; remember Farm Girl and Mr. Beaver Mountain...we’re still here. We’ve just been busy. We’ll soon be reunited like star crossed lovers in a grand reunion, and the blogging machine that is Pocket Litter will be back in full force.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boo. Packing.

I think packing up my house is rekindling my desire to blog. I've already plucked my eyebrows, made a pie, counted all the change in the spare change jar, looked through the photo albums and all the loose photos around the albums, paid the bills and made lots of lists of things I need to do but probably won't. The only things left to do are pack and blog. I chose to blog. But my guilty conscience told me to keep it short. So I am done. But don't be surprised if I show up again this week.

Mad dog update: The could-be-rabid dog showed up at my place of business exactly one week from the day. This time, though, he left in a garbage bag. I kind of feel sad for him.