Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheesesteak and Marriage

Derek and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary yesterday. That’s right, the big zero five.

(Who's bright idea was it to get married in January? I'm not crying, I'm freezing.)

Now, once upon a time, back in the middle ages, some thoughtful guy took it upon himself to come up with an anniversary gift guide to help all the clueless husbands choose just the right gift to give their wives in celebration of yet another year the couple survived one another, child bearing, and the plague. On the first anniversary he suggested the gift of paper; on the second, cotton; the third, leather; and the fourth, fruit. I know, you’re thinking these are pretty lame gifts, but it was the dark/middle age; these people squabbled every meal over who got to use the family toothpick. But imagine my surprise when I found out that on your fifth anniversary you are supposed to give the gift of cheesesteak! Never one to argue with tradition, Derek and I got up Saturday morning and headed off to Philadelphia, the home of the cheesesteak, to celebrate our fifth in a way that would make the feudal lords and peasants proud.

Here’s to another plague free year, my dear.
Check out the commemorative movie in the side bar. Or here.