Thursday, August 6, 2009

You wanna piece of me?

This morning, on our way out the door, Derek and I were accosted in the stairwell by a mini lobster*. No joke. We walked down the stairs and at the bottom was this crustacean incarnation of Tony Micelli standing there ready to take us on. Tough guy was all, "ay-oh, oh-ay," swinging his pincers around and gettin' up in our bidness. We told him to simmer down, we don't pick fights with pint-sized crustaceans, but we did need to go to work. He grudgingly let us pass, though I swear I heard him call Derek a pantywaist as we walked by. Sheesh.

*My coworkers thought it was more likely that he was a crawfish. Could be, or maybe just a mini lobster.