Thursday, August 6, 2009

You wanna piece of me?

This morning, on our way out the door, Derek and I were accosted in the stairwell by a mini lobster*. No joke. We walked down the stairs and at the bottom was this crustacean incarnation of Tony Micelli standing there ready to take us on. Tough guy was all, "ay-oh, oh-ay," swinging his pincers around and gettin' up in our bidness. We told him to simmer down, we don't pick fights with pint-sized crustaceans, but we did need to go to work. He grudgingly let us pass, though I swear I heard him call Derek a pantywaist as we walked by. Sheesh.

*My coworkers thought it was more likely that he was a crawfish. Could be, or maybe just a mini lobster.


the lunch lady said...


you just made my morning!

the lunch lady said...

you really should blog more often.

Kate said...

how did a crustacean get all the way over to your apartment? Maybe it came in revenged of all the siblings you ate at Annapolis.

Jeff said...

I helped dispose of several of those crustaceans from Annapolis and I don't see them showing up on my doorstep! I think it is far more likely it is some congressman's staffer that they made sign up for Obama's "public option" to see what would happen if all government officials have to use it.

PS. I'm sure I'll end up on another black list for saying that.

tami said...

I cried laughing. and I almost peed my pants. wow, the things you see. You do need to post more often, I miss you guys. Hope all is well!